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They have the great dream of your own home. The place to which you can retreat after hard work. Never were the advantages and opportunities greater than at present. Who wants to name a living object "HIS HOME", he doesn't rent it. He wants to call it his own. Should you be undecided, what opportunities and risks a property brings to you, you can count on us. We provide information and support effectively in financing and inform you about all tax subsidies, so you can come closer to your dream of a great piece. Especially as an investor you can take advantage of many tax advantages. Find out free with our qualified team with many years of experience in the real estate market.

Your dream piece by piece


You have made ​​the decision to purchase your own home, but you are still plagued by countless questions?!:

  • - Is a purchase worth it at all?
  • - How do I finance my property?
  • - What is with the need for rehabilitation?
  • - Should I secure the current low interest rates?
  • - Which bank offers the best terms?
  • - Are there subsidies for energy-saving measures?

Regardless the questions you have, with our skilled and experienced team we solve your problems.

Regardless of whether you want to finance a house from scratch or build an existing property. We support you in all matters.

Our team offers you a comprehensive and individualized attention. Through expert advice and a realistic assessment of your pre-conceptions, for example through market analysis, we can set the course for success in advance.

We would like to proof it. Ask for your personal consultation. You decide where you want to get in touch with us: In your home or at our office. In any case, we look forward to getting to know you.

Useful support from the government

Its mostly wrong to call a property an antiquated and unprofitable investment. With a clever choice of the object and advantage of all tax benefits, the property is a well-yield investment, but bringing more value resistance by lower risks.

Sie können von zahlreichen Förderungen und Steuerersparnissen profitieren. Als Kapitalanleger, aber auch als Eigennutzer.


For investors, all expenses incurred in connection with the property are important. Knowledge saves you money! This can reinvest profitably. This creates a highly satisfactory multiplier.

An example in the field of monument depreciation: According to the recent law, Investors who purchase a property for rent can write off the refurbishment share over 12 years at 100%. In this case, the monument depreciation is 9% for the first 8 years. Over the next 4 years, it is 7% for the rehabilitation component. The values ​​vary from case to case.

More examples: If you finance the purchase of real estate on a loan, you can make interest on debt falling due in the course of the loan, additional tax deductions and offset against the rental income. Existing properties can be written off linear with 2% per annum.

Self owners

Also occupiers benefit from the monument depreciation. According to the recent law, you can write off the rehabilitation share over 10 years to 90%. The depreciation will be 9% of the rehabilitation share annually. Again, the values ​​may vary.

For the own-occupier, tax savings mean money to pay off the loan to the bank more quickly and thereby benefit from the interest rate advantage, the banks offer you, when you pay off faster. It helps you to get you to your dream a good deal faster..

Whether as an investor, as well as owner-occupiers: We inform you individually for your project, so you do not miss any tax incentives. You can contact us in different ways. We look forward to speaking with you.

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