Invenio Immobilien

Terms and conditions

Upon completion of the purchase agreement, the purchaser has to pay a fee in the amount of the usual local agent's commission of 7.14% including VAT of 19% on the actual purchase price as agreed.

This also applies for undeveloped and developed properties acquired in a foreclosure.

Three rents plus VAT at 19% will be due upon renting and leasing of a trade.

An additional fee of 3.57% (of the value of the property) including the VAT of 19% is due to the preemption in the land register.

The commission is payable at the time when the contract is build successfully by our agency or because of our evidence, and thus the aimed economic success is met. This includes other agreements that occur replaced by our offer, such as renting and leasing instead of a purchase contract.

If the conclusion of the contract concluded with other conditions or at any other time, the agreed commission remains unaffected and is therefore due.

The agreed commission is also granted when the contract between the parties breaks due to a cancellation of the customer.

The completeness and accuracy of the offers are not guaranteed.

Our offers are non-binding.

The bids prepared by Invenio are directed only to the recipient. He has to buy or use the object that is offered to him.

Without our express written permission, the bids shall not be disclosed to third parties. This also applies to Agents and contractors of the interested, as these are strictly confidential.

In case of violation, you shall pay the agency fee.

In the case of transfer to third parties, the offeree is liable for our brokerage.

We reserve the right to errors, omissions and prior sale.

Verbal agreements are invalid.

Side agreements or special arrangements are effective only after written confirmation.

In case of a proof of completion opportunity provided by a third party, the party has to notify us immediately within 4 days by registered letter, otherwise we shall be acting as causal agents.

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