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About Invenio

We are a successful and ambitious company with years of experience in the real estate business.


Through our detailed knowledge of the real estate market and extensive contacts, we can offer you the best deals that meet your expectations. We are specialized in luxury homes in upscaled neighborhoods.

By our young and dynamic team, we offer you a complete customized service and make almost all of your wishes, regarding your purchase or sale, possible. Our aim is to make your real estate business to lead to a successful conclusion. The staff can therefore include a detailed preliminary, a realistic assessment of your property and personal care from a single source as a matter of course. Only with your successful completion we have achieved our goal. Just place your real estate business confidentially in our hands.

On this page you will learn more about your benefits by us in the real estate industry.
We would be happy if you get to know our team and to get in touch with us.

Your benefits

Value stability and security = your property

Hand with real estate

The property as a stable asset is becoming increasingly important. Hardly any other form of investment offers as much security as real estates. Especially in times where many investors are disappointed of shares, certificates, bonds or life insurance, they realize the attractiveness of residential property. Housing is a basic need and is not subject to economic weakness.

Especially in times of economic crisis, real estates are becoming increasingly important as an investment. Space to live is always needed. It is an essential commodity such as air and water. Therefore, the property register will replace the savings at the bank more often.

We sell your real estate

Hand with key

We have a large base of registered customers who are looking for a very special home or an exclusive apartment.

With our local area knowledge and expertise, we ensure that only the right prospects for your property are of interest. We assume the coordination and ensure binding appointments, therefor only genuine interest is guaranteed.

We help you sell your property, so you will soon find the right buyer for your home project.

Transparency is our strength

The process map

Transparency, openness and honesty is our basis for a trusting relationship. Therefore, we make no secret of your property sale. All our services will be clearly named and running quickly and efficiently and thus our work is always traceable to you. We will work with you only by mutual consent. Activities with our written report is provided, the current status of your property always available.

We supply all relevant object information and facts that are important to the sale, and respect your confidential data.

Nothing happens without your knowledge.

Invenio, summed up for you

  • + Selling valuable real estates
  • + Extensive contacts
  • + Young and flexible team
  • + Wide range of services
    • » Valuation
    • » Market Analysis
    • » Tours
    • » Administrative procedures
    • » Financing
  • + Modern way of working
  • + Realistic assessment of your property
  • + Complete all in one service
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